Rachel Schmitz

interactive designer & front end developer

Mammal: The World of Tomorrow

An indentity, poster series, exhibition catalog and iPad app for Mammal, a fictional organization that explores the human condition. For their 'World of Tomorrow' exhibition, they examined past visions of the future from the Worlds Fairs as well as what today's world of tomorrow might look like. The logo (or logo series) is like a fictional seal for a time capsule, where the 'M' changes to references different historical time periods. The stationary set uses photography and imagry from Worlds Fair exhibitions.

The posters are a series of 3 sets of two. Each set of posters is for a different part of the exhibition; The Cities of the Future, The Transportation of the Future and The Homes of the Future. In each set, there is a poster for the Worlds Fairs' world of tomorrow and a poster for today's world of tomorrow.

The exhibition catalog and the iPad app show specific examples from both worlds of tomorrow and breifly explains them. The print catalog is spiral bound and has many die cut pages. The iPad catalog borrows elements from the posters and uses videos to showcase each exhibit highlight.

Logo, Stationary Set, Poster Series, Catalog and Interactive iPad App
Art Direction:
Dermot MacCormack